How to use Sellika plugin to generate product descriptions? Sellika is a tool that helps you create alluring product descriptions quickly. Sellika uses machine-learning mechanisms to create smart, expressive text with relevant keywords and all necessary product information.

To use Sellika, you need to have a WordPress site with either the AliDropship or WooCommerce plugin installed. Once you have subscribed to Sellika, you’ll get an email with your personal API keys and a download link. Choose the proper version of the plugin (for PHP 7.1 or PHP 7.2+) and click the link to download the Sellika zip file.

install and activate Sellika

To install and activate Sellika, go to the Plugins tab in your WordPress admin panel. Click Add New button, Upload Plugin, choose a zip file to upload, and then click Install now.

Then click the Activate Plugin button. After these steps, the plugin should be activated with your unique API keys. Copy your Public key from the email you got after the purchase and go to Dashboard => Sellika => API Keys. Paste this key into the Public key field. Then copy your Secret key and paste it into the Secret key field.

Active plugin Sellika

Then click Activate. Go to the Settings section to enable necessary options for your product and category descriptions. Using Product description options, you can remove images and original text from the originally-imported AliExpress product description, add images from the description to the product gallery, and set what blocks will be shown in descriptions.

Category description options allow for adding different category blocks to the category description. Stop list title allows adding words to the stop list to exclude them from the Sellika-generated product title. By default, this function already contains popular words such as “dropshipping“, “AliExpress“, and so on.

Use the New Stop Word button to add other words you’d like to avoid from generating in your product titles. If you want to revert back to the original settings of this section at any time, just click the Set to Default button. Next, the Item Specifics list contains all item details that will be displayed in the product description in the More Information block.

If you delete some item information from this list, they will not be added to the final product description created by the plugin. Use the New Item Specifics button to add necessary item information. If you want to revert back to the original settings of this section at any time, just click the Set to Default button.

On WooCommerce websites, Sellika provides Product SEO templates for titles and descriptions to be used by Yoast SEO. If you have WordPress with the AliDropship Original plugin, you can set SEO templates in the AliDropship plugin. To apply changes, use the Save button at the bottom of the Settings page. If you need to revert back to the original settings, click the Set All to Default button. To edit product information, click the Edit Product Info button.

The plugin will analyze the featured image for the product page, offer keywords, and generate a product title and a product description. Sellika will generate two titles (in the third line you will see the original product title before Sellika’s changes for comparison): The title in the first line will be composed of image-specific keywords.

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The second title will be made out of the original product title keywords. Words added to your Stop list will be excluded from this title. Select the title you like the most and click the Publish button. If you don’t like the defined keywords or generated titles, you can edit them, save your new keywords and titles, and press Publish. To edit keywords, click Edit Product Info and click the Pencil button on the keyword you need to edit. Edit the keyword and press the Save button.

Do the same for all keywords you want to include in your description. Make sure that boxes in the defined keywords are marked with the check marks. Finally, edit the product title if you’d like, and click the Publish button to get a perfect product description. As soon as you activate your subscription, you’ll instantly get all Sellika options available.

Every month, you will get new 250, 600, or 2,000 edits to use, depending on your selected subscription plan. Keep in mind that each time you click the Edit Product Info button, you spend an edit from your balance – even if you don’t save changes or click this button again for a product which has already been edited.

Other Sellika options, such as Rename Colors and Create Article, will not reduce your balance. Note that Edits are not transferred to the next billing period. If you don’t spend all your edits until the end of the billing period, they will expire.

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