Making your first sale on an item you list in your eBay dropshipping business has a lot of benefits like improved search visibility on eBay and it also adds social proof for eBay customers so they are more confident when buying from you. This naturally helps increase eBay sales and also increase ebay profits. If you’re looking to make sales quickly on eBay especially in your dropshipping business, then here are a three eBay tips and tricks for you to sell more with eBay dropshipping 2021:

Price your eBay listing VERY Competitively.

This first trick is a great way to greatly increase your chances of making more eBay sales. If you price your eBay items competitively relative to your main competitor on eBay, then you can pretty much assure you’ll more more sales. The key here is not to just lower your eBay price by one penny, but instead, I recommend lowering your ebay items price by anywhere from 25 cents to up to 2 dollars than what your competitor is priced at on the listing.

How much you lower your eBay listing’s price by depends on how many ebay sales your main competitor has made already. If the other ebay seller has made 5 or so sales, then you can get away with pricing your listing as low as 25 cents cheaper. However, if he’s made 15 or more sales already, and you plan to list the item as new eBay seller with no sales on that listing, then I recommend pricing your listing at least 1 or 2 dollars cheaper.

Do your eBay Dropshipping Product Research CORRECTLY

This ebay tip is probably more important than the first one. When it comes to increasing your slow ebay sales this is one of the most important things you can do. Doing product research on ebay correctly is the best way to make sure you make quicker sales on ebay and actually sell items on ebay quickly. Why? Because if you’re finding the correct items to list on ebay that have a proven sales history, then it’s much more likely that your dropshipping business on ebay will get exponentially quicker results. Doing correct product research on ebay isn’t just about finding items to list with a good sales history, but the key is to find those items on ebay and ALSO find your main competitor.

Buy the Item yourself!

This one’s a little out of the ordinary, but what else better way to get ebay sales quickly or fix slow sales on ebay than by simply buying your own listing?! Now, I know it sounds crazy, but let me explain. Before I do though, you should know that this tip is probably against eBay’s terms of service and I’ve never personally used this eBay dropshipping strategy, and I am just giving some information on how this would work.

Basically, you would just buy your own ebay listing after listing the item on ebay and that would help you get your first sale on the item. From that point, you’ve created social proof and other customer’s on ebay will see the sale and be more inclined to buy your ebay listing (I assume this to be true.)

Those are my ebay dropshipping tricks and that’s how I generate sales quickly in my ebay dropshipping business. The first two tips have helped me create a million dollar ebay business with six figures in profit, so be sure to use some of these strategies in your own ebay store, and let me know if your slow ebay sales pick up!

What is my method of Manual eBay dropshipping? What is a Manual eBay store? Manual dropshipping is dropshipping on eBay WITHOUT using any eBay dropshipping software. IThe whole point of an eBay manual dropshipping store is to rely less on ebay software and more on your eBay store!

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